jnnsJNNS - Japanese Neural Network Society
Японское общество по нейронным сетям

Официальный сайт: http://www.jnns.org/

The Japanese Neural Network Society (JNNS) was formed in 1989 by the leading Japanese scientists in the neural network field.

The Japanese Neural Network Society holds its National Convention once a year
(JNNS organizes the Annual Conferences of the Japanese Neural Network Society):
Neuro2013 The 23rd Annual Meeting of Japanese Neural Network Society, etc.

JNNS publishes the Brain and Neural Networks, a Japanese journal of the Japanese Neural Network Society (issued four times a year).
Not only original research articles are published but explanations of the latest theories and experiments, reports of academic society meetings, opinions about the society, and researches and information from the society are published as well.
Journal Info: http://www.jnns.org/journal/index_e.html

JNNS publishes Neural Networks (in cooperation with ENNS, INNS societies) - The Official Journal of the International Neural Network Society (INNS), European Neural Network Society (ENNS) and Japanese Neural Network Society (JNNS).
Neural Networks provides a forum for developing and nurturing an international community of scholars and practitioners who are interested in all aspects of neural networks and related approaches to computational intelligence.

JNNS publishes a Newsletter - Tri-Society Newsletters (ENNS, INNS, JNNS) in cooperation with INNS, ENNS societies.
Tri-Society Neural Networks Newsletters are published by the joint cooperative management of the three neural-networks societies: INNS, ENNS, and JNNS.
It appears as a supplement to the Journal of Neural Networks published by Elsevier.

Японское общество по нейронным сетям (JNNS).
Цель общества – содействие международным, междисциплинарным исследованиям в области нейросетей.

Общество проводит ежегодно свой съезд и конференцию:
Neuro2013 23-е Ежегодное собрание Японского общества по нейронным сетям
и т.д.
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Общество издает с 1994 года:
Журнал the Brain and Neural Networks
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