IJCС - International Journal of Computational Cognition

Publisher: Yang's Scientific Research Institute (USA)
ISSN 1542-5908 (online)
Year Range: 2003 - Current Year
Numbers per year: 4
Official Homepage: http://www.yangsky.com/yangijcc.htm
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Fields of study: Artificial Intelligence, Computational Intelligence and Applications

The discipline of intelligent systems has evolved towards its critical goal of embedding non-computable human sensations, perceptions and creativity into machines in 21st century. This critical goal can only be achieved with the help of a new engineering paradigm called machinself (from machine itself). Before building a machinself we need to build cognition systems into machines; namely, to invent a computational cognition. This is a multidisciplinary challenge.

The primary objective of The International Journal of Computational Cognition is to provide a forum for an interdisciplinary audience, a forum accessible and affordable to scientists, educators, students and engineers.  It encourages readers to contribute their thoughts and experiences. With its peer-reviewed format and its traditional paper and e-paper forms, it services the scientific and engineering community as an easy and simple platform for developing the understandings and applications of advanced studies of creative and intelligent systems.

The International Journal of Computational Cognition consists of tutorials and reviews, papers and letters to the editor. Tutorials and reviews are well-written, incisive, authoritative and with long-lasting value to future researchers. Papers are original contributions. Letters to the Editor are for the timely announcement of significant new results and discoveries.

Международный журнал (электронное издание)
Издатель: Yang's Scientific Research Institute (USA)
Годы выпуска: 2003 - настоящее время
Периодичность выпуска - 4 номера в год
Официальный сайт: http://www.yangsky.com/yangijcc.htm
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