Samsonovich, Alexei V.GMU BICA - An Integrated Self-Aware Cognitive Architecture, developed under Alexei V. Samsonovich at Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, USA.

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Когнитивная архитектура GMU BICA разрабатывается под руководством Самсоновича Алексея В. (Samsonovich Alexei V.) исследовательской группой в Институте перспективных исследований Краснова (Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study) университета Джорджа Мейсона (George Mason University), г. Фэрфакс, штат Вирджиния, США.

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gmu bicaGMU BICA: An Integrated Self-Aware Cognitive Architecture
This project introduces a general cognitive architecture allowing for a computational implementation of the key features of human cognition, including examples like basic human memory systems (working, semantic, episodic, procedural), the autonomous cognitive growth ability, social, emotional and communicational capabilities, and self-awareness.

According to our view, the key element enabling these features in an intelligent agent is the Self of the agent, understood as neither the hardware nor the software, but an idealized abstraction represented in the agent's mind.

Our approach to implementation of this Self is based on four building blocks:
(1) neuromorphic cognitive map,
(2) a set of self axioms,
(3) mental state lattice,
(4) the framework of schemas that generalize productions, operators and chunks used in popular cognitive architectures like Soar, Act-R and Epic.
In addition, we suggest a mapping of our cognitive architecture onto brain structures. This mapping helps us to borrow computational and design principles from cognitive neuroscience.
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